Bengal Biotechnology & Agriculture Private Limited
Bengal Biotechnology & Agriculture Private Limited

Sujoy Dey
Sujoy Dey

G9 Banana
G9 Banana

Bengal Biotechnology & Agriculture Private Limited
Bengal Biotechnology & Agriculture Private Limited




“Our mission is to maintain integrity & Professionalism of our Green Products & their service for a better Environment”


  It’s our new Company in Science and Technology Entrepreneurs' Park (Gopali) IIT Kharagpur. India is a country where Agriculture is the main Natural Resource. Our main focus will be providing high Standard, inexpensive Sapling to the less wealthy.
There is our priority will be to research  in different ways to provide them  in the best Tissue Culture Racks on an affordable Price with less Current Consumption.


Priority Plants For Tissue Culture
 The plants prioritized for tissue culture propagation by the consumer segments are banana, grapes, pineapple, strawberry, sugarcane, potato, turmeric, ginger, large and small cardamom, vanilla, aloevera, geranium, stevia, patchouli, gerbera, carnations, anthodium, synonym, lily and for few tree species namely teak, white teak, bamboo, eucalyptus and populous. The lists of plants prioritized by the various consumer.
Our Vision

Bengal Biotechnology & Agriculture Private Limited has taken upon themselves to strive hard for the Empowerment of the Citizens by Promoting Entrepreneurial Biotech Activities, by facilitating the availability of the latest Technologies, by encouraging and enduring the benefits  On-Date Research & Development, through their State of the Art Laboratories and by making available the Latest Management Techniques from Tissue Culture to Bio Marketing.


When preparing our products or designing the landscaping layouts, we follow different
processes. Some of them are:
• Landscape design plan is verified and approved for its viability
• Carrying out the inspection of soil, plant seeds, and planting material
• Our company’s tissue specialist pays attention to every step involved in planting like the amount of growth, light, quality of soil needed for better growth.



High Standards of Quality and Monitoring.

Well Spread Marketing and Service Network covering Major Geographical Areas.

Ultimate Customer Satisfaction through Excellence in Service and Products.

Human Resource Development through Training, Empowering and Developing Business Associate Relationship.