•  Tissue culture is a technology as introduced in India in the early 1990. Banana is the most successful crop in all over India & also tissue culture industry worldwide. It is most suitable variety in Indian climate. Objectives are improving of the productivity and quality. 


  •  At a time when the availability of Land, asual as water, for farming is getting reduce day by day, there is no other way is which the productivity can be increased, except through supply of improve superior planting material. That's why tissue culture is a novel technology to keep growing plant cells or tissues artificially nutrition to growth medium, we can produce large number of Plants, within a small space and short time, which are disease free.

  •  Banana occupies 20% of area among the total area under the crop in India and contributes 37% of the total fruits production and  second rank in the importance next to mango with a total annual production of 16.91 million tons from 490.70 thousand ha. With national average of 33.5 T/ha . As per an estimate, India occupies the third place in annual banana production.

  • We also trying to  establish, Innovative Ideas about Tissue Culture Rack.  Because Tissue Culture racks are used for various types of tissue culture plants. There are also very  useful for catering to different applications in tissue culture room.These racks are superbly are manufacturing by using excellent quality of raw materials that is carefully sourced from reliable market vendors. Appropriately design, our Tissue Culture Rack is finally delivered at highly discounted prices.

  Mr.  Sujoy Dey

Founder & Managing Director

   DIN Number:- 07752740

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