Tissue Culture
Tissue Culture Banana Plants
Our Technology

Since tissue culture is a branch of modern Biotechnology, the Company has amalgamated the traditional skills of mass propagating the plants with modern scientific techniques

• Micro propagation in large scale production facility in aseptic condition.

• Maintenance of plants in automated controlled growth rooms for caring the plants inside the lab.

• We are involved in High tech agriculture by application of Biotechnology.

• R&D for horticulture plants: Callus culturing, Somaclonal variation, Embryologists, regeneration of plants, Continuous Cell suspension culturing, Isolation of ingredients.

• Maintenance of plants in automated green house controlled environments.


• We provide consultancy and tech support for other farms and develop the protocols in terms of contract research.

Tissue culture means cloning and micro-propagation of tissues of the selected Elite plants and daughter suckers. The process consists of five important steps: Initiation, Multiplication, Shooting & rooting, Primary Hardening in green houses and Secondary Hardening in shade houses. Strict adherence to aseptic standards and micro-climatic conditions and care during the hardening process alone can ensure success.

>We offer you, all important varieties of banana that are popular and grown in India.

>Our experience and expertise offers you ‘Low or No Variation’ in genetic purity of the plants.

>We offer you ‘Unique Potting System’ that protects root damages during handling and transport.