Tissue Culture Rack:-
We  make Tissue Culture Racks as like as, widely used for various tissue culture
laboratory applications. We specialize in both standard and customized models, specifically
designed to meet the challenging demands of various scientists for individual and
specialized research applications. Tissue Culture Rack is used extensively for tissue culture
plants and other tissue culture work in tissue culture room.

Salient Features
>Tissue culture Rack fully fitted with Cooling Facility as like as Refrigerator.
> Low current Consumption for using LED replace other.
> Minimum Electricity Consumption for using this System.
>Tissue Culture Rack made out of mild steel slotted angle frame duly powder coated.
>Distance between shelves to shelves is 16” to 18”.
>Size of each shelf is 48” x 18” / 48” x 24” / 72” x 18” (Select model).
>Four LED Tube (With Electronic Ballast) per culture shelve for each rack.
>Minimum heating effect/heat dissipation
>Energy saver with individual switching arrangement for each shelf.
>Separate control panel for each rack
UV germicidal light fitted inside each rack
Four LED Tube per culture shelve for each rack
Automatic 0-24 hour digital control photo periodic timer for LED lamp.